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Interior Remodeling Trends

Current remodeling trends are shifting towards two very specific generations. Baby Boomers and GenXers top the list of those investing in home remodels. GenXers seem to be looking to increase functionality and space to accommodate their growing families; while Baby Boomers are looking to downsize and simplify. Regardless of the reason for the remodel many of the updates are common among both groups.

Roomier Rooms

The “open floor plan” is still very popular. Perhaps driven by the economy, people are spending more time at home entertaining, cooking and enjoying family fun nights. Rather than expanding the home, more people are turning to the conversion of existing space. Attics and garages are the new media and game rooms or workshops/hobby rooms. Walls are being removed to allow for a better flow between the once separated kitchen and living room. The concept of open spaces has been very popular for several years and experts don’t see that changing any time soon.

All About the Aging

Both GenXers and the Boomers are remodeling their homes to accommodate aging. It is becoming more and more common for the Boomer to move in with the GenXers….parents moving in with their children. Equally so, aging Americans are preparing their homes for the coming years by remodeling bathrooms by installing grab bars, adjusting counter heights, larger curbless showers and wider doors.

Relaxation is the Key

Economics being what they are, people seem to be more stressed out than ever. Many of the home remodels taking place these days tend to focus on relaxation and comfort. People are moving away from the minimalist and contemporary styles and moving more toward an earthiness that offers a “Zen-like” coziness. Warmer color pallets, simple, clean, timeless designs are the order of the day.

Easy Does it Flooring

Wall to wall carpeting is a thing of the past. While most people still like plush carpeting in their bedrooms, the majority of homeowners are replacing carpet with wood, tile, laminates and other solid surface products in the main living areas of the home. These harder surface floors are easier to keep clean and typically require less maintenance.

High-Tech Homes

As technology advances with wonders like HD TV, Blue-Ray and Fios, our homes seem to be becoming more technologically advanced as well. More homes are converting unused space into media centers for in home movie night, gaming and the simple joy of watching the game with friends.

Going Green

The amount of green remodeling seen these days depends largely on the return on investment a home owner will see. Energy efficiency is the most popular green concept being implemented. The installation of replacement windows, doors, tankless water heaters, plumbing fixtures and appliances are just some of the ways people are helping the environment and reducing the cost of operating their homes.

Kitchens Everywhere

Of all of the rooms in a home, the kitchen is by far the most commonly updated room. Whether updating to sell or accommodating an expanding family, home owners are investing their remodeling dollars in the kitchen. Updates may include cabinet replacement, new appliances, updated flooring and new counter tops.

Putting Away the Payments

Cash payments seem to be the order of the day. This is more than likely an economically driven trend, as home equity loans are harder to come by and financing options are limited. Home owners are saving up, setting budgets and sticking to them.

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