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Why Beaver Builders, The Story Behind the Name

I have been asked many times how we came up with our business name so I thought I would share the story behind “Beaver Builders”. Similar to many other businesses, “Beaver Builders” started from a long family tradition of home builders and remodelers. Many influencers impacted our decision not to name the construction business after the Mack family name.

We have a shadow box in our office with a picture of my grandfather in his cabinet shop in Southeastern Oklahoma along with his hammer and folding measuring stick. This reminds us we are part of a long history of craftsmen.

After graduating Frank Phillips college, I studied marketing at Texas Tech. My classes instilled on me the need for a company to have a logo, something the public could recognize and relate to our business. Business classes at The University of North Texas enforced the concept of team building and ownership in the company. I believed it would be difficult to perceive ownership of a company named after an individual.

Taking all this into consideration, we were sitting around the kitchen table brainstorming on the basics of our business, the name being one of the more important decisions. We wanted a name we could base a logo from that related to what we offered the public. Due to its determination and ingenuity to build homes for their families, we decided on the “Beaver”. We added the tool box to carry all the tools of the trade, the sledge hammer for our willingness to take on the difficult jobs, and the hardhat for the protection of our most valuable resources, our team members.

Our company was not built by an individual, but a vast amount of team members all working together to build the most durable, energy efficient, and functional home possible. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you on custom building the “Home” of your dreams.

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