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Accessibility & Adaptations

We Specialize in Home Modifications
Beaver-LogoBeaver Builders has specialty training and hands on experience in the field of accessible housing, home modifications and project adaptations.
Donny Mack has received technical training through the Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) courses.  Aging in Place means clients don’t need to move from their homes in order to accommodate their changing needs.  We will help identify, recommend, and offer attractive design solutions that create a safe and comfortable environment for individuals who want to age in place but…. are not experiencing health issues related to aging; or have a progressive or other condition that requires home modifications/equipment; or are dealing with an abrupt or traumatic health related change.
We will work with the client to present various methods and techniques for modifying home design, from the perspective of new construction and retrofitting.
Michaele Mack OT/L (Occupational Therapist / Licensed) is a 1990 graduate of Texas Woman’s University.
Michaele has 20+ years experience with adult and geriatric rehabilitation with orthopedic and neurological dysfunction, work injury management and environmental adaptation.  Michaele states “…my goal with every client is to maximize functional independence with all areas of their life.”  Observations of client’s ADL’s and functional range of motions is a must to create a truly functional project for those with limited functional capacities or visions of longevity where they live.  Michaele joins Mack Professionals, Inc. / Beaver Builders as a consultant to optimize a client’s functional independence while in their own home.


Possible Areas of Home Modifications or Adaptations:

  • Functional restoration of kitchens & baths for ease of use & accessibility
  • Entry & exit accessibility
  • Residential elevators for two stories
  • Ramp construction
  • Lower switches
  • Higher receptacles
  • Drawers rather than doors
  • Closet renovations
  • Door sill removed
  • Safety grab bars
  • Modified toe kicks on cabinets
  • Lower cabinets