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About Beaver Builders

Building on What We Know


Beaver-Logo-trimmedBeaver Builders is a division of Mack Professionals, Inc., a privately held company owned by the Mack family. Donny Mack, President and CEO, is committed to providing clients with quality construction at an affordable price, while maintaining an idea of a pleasant building experience. To ensure the highest quality of work, Beaver Builders undertakes the construction of a limited number of projects each year. Our priority is to exceed the client’s expectations. Beaver Builders is committed to our clients. We feel the best way to build a truly custom project unique for each customer’s needs is by not limiting customers to specific sets of floor plans, elevations, accessories, or locations.

As home ownership is a cherished tradition, it is also the single largest financial commitment that most families make. This is why we build all major projects with the utmost quality ensured by engineering, inspecting, and testing throughout the process. To help enhance the building process for our residential clients, Beaver Builders utilizes a cloud based, user friendly project management software which includes a smart phone app for ease of communicating during and after the construction of your new home.  We also will present you with a personalized Homeowners Manual which covers areas including homeowner orientation, closing on your home, and caring for your home.


“Building on What We Know”


Beaver Builders is a custom and design-build/remodeling division of Mack Professionals, Inc.  We are Building for the Future, Pursuing Excellence in customizing projects to suite our client’s lifestyles…Each Step of the Way. Our ability to service and exceed our client’s needs and expectations is driven by our commitment to the following three principles:

  • Our ability to CUSTOMIZE A PROJECT TO THE LIFESTYLES OF OUR CUSTOMERS is mandatory to our long term success.
  • Our REPUTATION will be the DETERMINING FACTOR of our long term success.
  • We understand profit is necessary but secondary to doing the RIGHT THING.


Donny has earned the recognition of becoming one of only a hand full of builders nationwide to attain a Graduate Master Builder (GMB) designation, identifying him as one of the building industry’s top professionals. The Home Builders Institute, the education and training arm of the National Association of Home Builders, administers the GMB program. GMB candidates complete an intensive series of courses in business management and construction processes highlighting the newest trends and technology in the building industry. Through this program, he has also earned his Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR), Certified Graduate Builder (CGB), and his Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) – Houses for Living, Homes for Life, and Certified Green Professional (CGP).  Donny earned an Associates Degree in Science from Frank Phillips College and his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of North Texas with core courses in Strategical Management. Beaver Builders extends the custom building experience to those who are physically challenged. A licensed Occupational Therapist is on staff to assist in building a new home specifically designed to accommodate any needs.


    • Home Builders Association of Greater Dallas
        • Voting Director 2003-Present
        • President – HBA of Greater Dallas 2008
        • First Vice President 2007
        • Executive Committee 2004-2010
        • Government Relations Chairman 2007
        • Finance Committee 2006-2010
        • Education Committee Chairman 2004-2006, 2014
        • Greater Denton Division of HBA of Greater Dallas 1998-Present


NAHB National Graduate Master Builder of the Year 2007


HomeAide/Home Builders Care Achievement in Community Excellence Award 2007 HBA of Greater Dallas GMB of the Year 2005 HBA of Greater Dallas CGB of the Year 2006 Greater Denton Division of HBA of Greater Dallas Remodelor of the Year 2003, 2004, 2006 Nationally Recognized Professional Designations/Certifications: CGR – Certified Graduate Remodelor CGB – Certified Graduate Builder GMB – Graduate Master Builder CAPS – Certified Aging in Place Specialist CSP – Certified Sales Professional CGP – Certified Green Professional Be Sociable, Share!


I would like to take the opportunity to say thank-you for visiting our web site. I trust you will find a benefit from one or all of our services. Our attention to quality and pursuit of excellence flows in line with the outreach we perform both internally and externally.

We have been honored with many awards, certifications, and recognitions. As an introduction to our company I would like to highlight a couple that emphasize the ethics and integrity we work under. They are HomeAide/Home Builders care Achievement in Community Excellence Award and the National Association of Home Builders Graduate Master Builder of the Year. Both awards were received through nominations from our piers in the industry.

It has been said that in the arena of human life the honors and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities in action. The construction industry presents dynamic examples how multiple industry leaders show their good qualities in action with their honors and rewards being that of creating a safe and functional environment for individuals, families, and society to live and function within.

A company has an obligation to support the industry and neighborhoods in which they work and earn a living. This made it an easy decision to work with HomeAide/Home Builders Care on Phase 1 of the Denton County Friends of the Family project, one that helps provide a basic necessity for women and children in their time of need. It was very humbling to see the unselfish contributions made for such a worthy cause from many of our suppliers and contractors. From this project Beaver Builders received the HomeAide/Home builders Care Achievement in Community Excellence Award for 2008.

If a company is only willing to do what it has done in the past, then it will only be as good as it was in the past. We have an obligation to learn as much as possible about building science, technology, and processes so that we may effectively serve our clients, the industry, and the public.

I believe continual education and outreach with industry leaders paves the way for excellence within our company. From efforts of promoting industry education, training, and certifications, I was awarded the NAHB National Graduate Master Builder of the Year for 2008. This honor is awarded to one builder in the nation each year by the National Association of Home Builders.

We look forward to assisting you in becoming another exceptionally satisfied client after you experience the personal attention and results our team of professionals provides. Finally, remember to live a good, honorable life, helping others along the way. Then when you get older and think back, you can enjoy it a second time. Thank-you for visiting our web site.





Donny Mack, President/CEO
Mack Professionals, Inc./Beaver Builders

I have been asked many times how we came up with our business name so I thought I would share the story behind “Beaver Builders”. Similar to many other businesses, “Beaver Builders” started from a long family tradition of home builders and remodelers. Many influencers impacted our decision not to name the construction business after the Mack family name.

We have a shadow box in our office with a picture of my grandfather in his cabinet shop in Southeastern Oklahoma along with his hammer and folding measuring stick. This reminds us we are part of a long history of craftsmen.

Beaver-Logo-trimmedAfter graduating Frank Phillips college, I studied marketing at Texas Tech. My classes instilled on me the need for a company to have a logo, something the public could recognize and relate to our business. Business classes at The University of North Texas enforced the concept of team building and ownership in the company. I believed it would be difficult to perceive ownership of a company named after an individual.

Taking all this into consideration, we were sitting around the kitchen table brainstorming on the basics of our business, the name being one of the more important decisions. We wanted a name we could base a logo from that related to what we offered the public. Due to its determination and ingenuity to build homes for their families, we decided on the “Beaver”. We added the tool box to carry all the tools of the trade, the sledge hammer for our willingness to take on the difficult jobs, and the hardhat for the protection of our most valuable resources, our team members.

Our company was not built by an individual, but a vast amount of team members all working together to build the most durable, energy efficient, and functional home possible. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you on custom building the “Home” of your dreams.

I appreciate your assistance, and the assistance of your kind staff in helping us acquire our dream house in one of the nicest areas that we visited.  You all were professional, honest and sincere with my wife and I….  The quality of craftsmanship was evident the minute we walked into the house.

Bill B.

Because of the relationship we have developed while building my house I feel compelled to write this letter of endorsement so that people who are lucky enough to be in a position to build, find a Contractor who is knowledgeable, fair, honest, and reasonable….  Beaver Builders in our case delivered a house that exceeded our dreams….  The promise that Donny made seven years ago he held himself to.

Lloyd S

A Certificate of Achievement for building a house of grand satisfaction is gratefully awarded to Donny Mack and Crew…

David W.